A8V MIND - Mobile INtrusion Detection

A portable intrusion detection device, using Accur8vision technology

The Challenge

Temporary surveillance of critical infrastructures and outdoor objects requires a surveillance solution that is quick to set up, flexibly adaptable and easy to transport.Especially critical infrastructures such as power and transformer stations, water and heating plants, petrol stations or airports depend on reliable and effective protection against intruders and vandalism.

Conventional security solutions in the field of mobile precision security, such as classic mobile camera poles, cannot provide a comprehensive security solution with precise intrusion detection.In addition, many surveillance solutions are designed for long-term security monitoring, but some situations require ad hoc monitoring or a more flexible solution.

A8V MIND overcomes this challenge by using innovative technologies to create an all-encompassing security solution that combines high-precision security with flexible adaptation of objects to temporary or rapidly changing circumstances.

The Solution

The A8V MIND, a mobile security solutionand a special portable version of the Accur8vision volumetric detection system andis expertly designed to safeguard a diverse array of sectors, providing flexible protection for critical infrastructure. It uses lidar technology for detection.

The detector spreads laser beams into space. The reflected laser pulse informs about the distance of the object from the detector with an accuracy of 2cm. In this way, person detection is carried out in real-time within a radius of 80 metres.Detection zones can be defined in the system. If the system triggers an alarm, it immediately shows the operator the number of intruders, their exact positions, object sizes, and movement speeds, and the system also displays the trajectories of the objects’ movements.

A8V MIND is a superior choice for the protection of a nation's critical infrastructure, offering a mobile and efficient solution to complex security demands. Its innovative technology and mobility make it a versatile and invaluable asset in maintaining national security, ensuring the safety and integrity of vital facilities and individuals, even in challenging or rapidly changing circumstances.

Key Benefits

  • Easy transportation
    It is madesothat a single person can easily transport it and set it up in different locations.

  • Set-up time
    A8V MIND can be set up in a matter of minutes at a new site, making it simple for on-site staff to establish surveillance perimeters.

  • Longevity
    The A8V Mind is battery-powered and has a bridge battery in addition to an external battery to ensure safe battery replacement. The bridge battery lasts 4 hours and the external battery lasts 17 hours. The external batteries can be stacked to achieve as long a battery life as desired.

  • Immediate alarm notification
    In the event of unauthorized movement or attempted theft of the system, the operator is immediately alerted via an alarm event.

  • Civilian applications
    The A8V MIND system has diverse applications, including protection of parked aircraft, private property security, temporary safeguarding during pipeline incidents, and access control to temporarily hazardous areas such as substations, heating plants, and water plants.

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